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A very small selection of the photos so far...
(huge canvas prints available on request!)

Leaving Home

Off we go!
Newport station - 16th Jan

Spot the nosebleed
Girls on tour - 16th Jan


"Me go on big train"
Alice on train - 16th Jan

School's out!
Sophie on train - 16th Jan

They've got Cartoon Network!
Girls watching telly - 16th Jan

Hong Kong


More cocktails please!
First night out - 17th Jan

Star Ferry
Star Ferry - 18th Jan

On top of the Peak - 18th Jan

When I said stand in a line...
Girls @ Stanley - 18th Jan

This is easy Dad!
Alice with chopsticks - 18th Jan

Yum yum
Szechuan restaurant - 18th Jan

Are we nearly there yet?
Pete & girls in cable car - 19th Jan

"$30, $30, nice picture..."
Before the climb - 19th Jan


Hey Buddha, say cheese!
Sophie the photographer - 21st Jan

Alice's photography - 21st Jan

If we're good, can we have ice cream?
Princesses at the Palace - 21st Jan

"Look over here baby, over here"
Hiding from the paparazzi - 21st Jan

"100 Baht! Hee hee, stupid English tourists..."
Tuk tuk - 21st Jan

Hold tight, there's no seat belts!
Sisters in taxi - 21st Jan

Where's Laurence LlewellynBowen when you need him?
Stilt houses - 22nd Jan

"Can't you see I'm busy?"
Lizard - 22nd Jan

Temple of Dawn
Wat Arun - 22nd Jan

Sophie's biggest fan
Onboard long-tail boat - 22nd Jan

"My feet are killing me!"
Fountain near Chinatown - 23rd Jan

The long journey begins...
Train to Chiang Mai - 23rd Jan

Pulling his weight as usual
Pete on train - 23rd Jan

We're going to stay up all night!
Bunk beds! - 23rd Jan

Chiang Mai

I've been awake all night!
Arrival in Chiang Mai - 24th Jan

"Oh, it's so lovely and curly...!"
The paps attack Sophie - 24th Jan

An Emerald Buddha - 24th Jan

Expecting rain?
Sophie - 24th Jan

"Does it go any faster?"
Alice on elephant - 25th Jan

"Hum de dum...2 little boys had 2 little toys..."
Elephant painting - 25th Jan

"I hate having this thing on my head" - said who?
Elephant trekking - 25th Jan

Altogether now, "We are sailing, we are...."
Bamboo rafting - 25th Jan

"Mi chico latino...!"
Bath karaoke - 26th Jan


"I don't want to wear this top!"
Alice sulking - 27th Jan

We couldn't dry ourselves for days
Towel elephant - 27th Jan

Park - 28th Jan

Butter wouldn't melt...
Sophie & Alice - 28th Jan

Pete & Sophie snorkelling - 29th Jan

Is that Treasure Island?
View from Phi Phi Ley - 29th Jan

Check out those white cheeks!
Goatee day - 30th Jan

You put your left leg in, your left leg out...
Sophie Thai dancing - 30th Jan

"Dad, can I have a go with the petrol?"
Fire breathers - 30th Jan

Sea-eroded limestone at the base creates caves
Phang Nga - 31st Jan

Why have we got the tattiest kayak?
Inner lagoon - 31st Jan

Er, more islands with caves...
Phang Nga - 31st Jan

Who can spot the giant piranha???
Irvings - 31st Jan

Those turtles are really slow...
Main Pool @ Marriott - 1st Feb

Just like Blackpool really
Beach @ Marriott - 1st Feb

Bangkok (again)

We're going fishing!
Girls @ Bung Sam Ran - 2nd Feb

"This catfish has whiskers like me!"
First catch of the day - 2nd Feb

It's easy Dad, pull then reel, pull then reel
Sophie's got a bite - 2nd Feb

This one really fought hard...
53lb monster - 2nd Feb

It's got all mod cons: roof, floor...
Cabin @ Bung Sam Ran - 2nd Feb

Just what you need after a hard day's fishing!
Non & Margarita - 2nd Feb

"I'm Setvie G, I am"
Alice 4 England - 3rd Feb


These fish are interesting...
Jet lag @ Sydney Aquarium - 4th Feb

Sharks eat a lot, cos they don't like being fin!
The real thing - 4th Feb

The view looking out isn't bad either
Irvings @ the Opera - 5th Feb

"Check out my hair braid"
Non & Sophie - 5th Feb

Surf's Up
Manly Beach - 6th Feb

Hmm, that looks pretty high...
Sydney Tower - 6th Feb

This really is the best view
Opera House from Bridge - 7th Feb

"This is the best thing we've done so far!"
At the park - 7th Feb

"I can fly a seaplane, I can"
Alice on seaplane - 8th Feb

Those Aussie meat pies are good...
Bondi Beach - 8th Feb

How are you feeling back there Non?
Sydney from the air - 8th Feb

Any colour you like, as long as it's white!
Our motor - 9th Feb

The Blue Mountains

Not so impressive, Alice could have done them ;-)
Red Hand Cave - 9th Feb

Can you see the blue mist?
Jamison Valley - 9th Feb

Into the abyss
Steepest railway in the world - 10th Feb

Watch out for the frosted glass
Sophie in cable car over Jamison Valley - 10th Feb

Now can you see the blue?
The Blue Mountains - 10th Feb

Hunter Valley

The storms have cleared
Cabin in Pokolbin - 11th Feb

"Mum, I need toilet" ...
In the vines - 11th Feb

New South Wales Coast

Nice place for a picnic
Seal Rocks - 11th Feb

Now rinse and spit...
Brushing a dolphin's teeth - 12th Feb

The first of our Big Things...
The Big Banana - 12th Feb

These things are cool.
The Big Prawn - 12th Feb

This is where we got wet the first time...
Clarkes Beach, Byron Bay - 13th Feb

Here comes the rain - 13th Feb

Bloomin' Australian weather
Wet for the 2nd time - 13th Feb


Put your lights on!
The last Junk - 17th Jan

Tickets please
Peak Tram - 18th Jan

Still misty
View from The Peak - 18th Jan

Nice pose
Stanley Harbour - 18th Jan

View from Star Ferry harbour cruise
Hong Kong at night - 18th Jan

Nothing to it!
Sophie with chopsticks - 18th Jan

Don't look down!
Non & Pete @ Ngong Ping 360 - 19th Jan

He's a big boy!
The Big Buddha - 19th Jan


Don't touch!
Non & Alice at The Grand Palace - 21st Jan

The pants are borrowed, okay?
At the Grand Palace - 21st Jan

Check out those whiskers
The Beard - 21st Jan

Alice with sentry - 21st Jan

Me go fast!
Alice on long-tail boat - 22nd Jan

"You need pith helmet mister?"
Floating marketeer - 22nd Jan

Man Utd fans are the same the world over
Snake Farm - 22nd Jan

Nice picture Sophie, you cut Dad's head off again
Girls at Wat Arun - 22nd Jan

Sparklers anyone?
Non at Erawan Shrine - 23rd Jan

Almost as nice as Newport station
Hualampong Railway Station, Bangkok - 23rd Jan

Hold it in girls, the toilets are minging!
1st Class Carriage - 23rd Jan


All aboard the chuckle bus!
Chiang Mai taxi - 24th Jan

"The bells, the bells!"
Phrathat Doi Suthep - 24th Jan

It's just beside the shop if you'd like to find it
Sophie & Alice's bell - 24th Jan

Enough Buddhas already - let's go swimming!
Pool @ Yaang Come Village - 24th Jan

Attention! Quiiick wash! Left, right, left, right
Bath Commandos - 24th Jan

"Let's sit here - they match my top"
Orchid Farm - 25th Jan

"Hey, who farted!?"
Elephants bathing - 25th Jan

"I'm only going if I can eat these crisps"
Elephant trekking - 25th Jan

It's got an umbrella, but no tyres or suspension..
Oxen cart - 25th Jan

Come on Dad, it's not THAT cold!
Swimming - 26th Jan

"You're going home in a green and yellow Tuk Tuk!"
England top - 26th Jan


"Okay Sophie, now let's cause mayhem!"
Girls' night out - 27th Jan

"These wine glasses are bigger than I thought"
Non - 27th Jan

More wine please!
Non - 28th Jan

This gap was digitally removed in The Beach.
Phi Phi island - 29th Jan

"Make sure you get the Gucci logo in"
Non - 29th Jan

Sophie & Alice on speedboat - 29th Jan

"The bubbles are from the SCUBA equipment, okay?"
Non diving - 30th Jan

It's been a hard day, Granville...
Sunset in Reflection Pool - 30th Jan

Quick, get in - I can't hold it up much longer!
Kayaking through caves - 31st Jan

This is a studio cave, suitable for a small family
Upper cave - 31st Jan

Yet more rocks. Pretty though.
Erosion columns - 31st Jan

"Erm, where's the guy who's paddling?"
Irvings - 31st Jan

I name this: Teletubby Island!
Sophie - 31st Jan


Hold it here mum, then reel it in like this, ok?
Alice & Non fishing - 2nd Feb

She's a beauty!
Non's catfish - 2nd Feb

It took Uncle Dave ages to catch one of these...
Sophie's carp - 2nd Feb

Mum look, it's massive!
Alice's first catch - 2nd Feb

Did you see me in Lost Boys?
Scary Alice - 2nd Feb

"On me 'ead Dad!"
Alice - 3rd Feb

This might have been a mistake.
Moustache Day - 3rd Feb


"Call those teeth!?"
Sophie @ Sydney Aquarium - 4th Feb

That's just showing off now.
Chopstick queen - 4th Feb

Take it to the bridge baby
The Harbour Bridge - 5th Feb

Cheeky grin competition
Pete & Girls - 5th Feb

One of about 500 photos of this building
Sydney Opera House - 5th Feb

Actually we were on the slower one
Manly Ferry - 6th Feb

Hurry up, it's windy up here
On the Harbour Bridge - 7th Feb

That should be just about enough photos of that...
Harbour Bridge at night - 7th Feb

Chocks away!
Aboard the seaplane - 8th Feb

We survived!
Seaplane - 8th Feb

Nice fish, seagulls less nice
Doyles @ Watsons Bay - 8th Feb

There's still a little more room in this t-shirt
Harry's Cafe de Wheels - 9th Jan


The kangaroo is the second one on the left
Our first kangaroos - 9th Feb

Suspiciously down the hill from the toilets
Leura Cascades - 9th Feb

Just before 200 Japanese tourists arrived
The 3 Sisters from Echo Point - 9th Feb

Giddy up!
Sophie on pit pony - 10th Feb

Are you sure there are no crocs mum?
Hawkesbury River - 10th Feb


Maybe a slight hint of Turkish Delight...
Wine Tasting in Hunter Valley - 11th Feb

Did we take a wrong turn?
Not far to Cardiff - 11th Feb


Last one in's a stinky pants!
Seal Rocks - 11th Feb

"I don't want to jump, it's raining!"
Dolphins at Coffs Harbour - 12th Feb

We like bananas
Banana Plantation - 12th Feb

"I've finished all the Tweenies!"
Alice in Byron Bay - 12th Feb

Before the rain...
Cape Byron - 13th Feb

We made it, just.
Australia's most easterly point - 13th Feb